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I've been thrown to Wonderworlds, see if I Flit and Flow just watch me Swirl
And if I'd think you'd Crush Me, you would say- don't worry baby, My Pretty
In which I make a random post about the Sarah Jane Adventures (aka Doctor Who Lite) 
7th-Mar-2010 02:00 am
Simon Noooo
As usual, making an lj post cus I don't wanna put it on facebook. (This one being cus, well for one thing I spam facebook WAY too much- NEED TO GO BACK TO LJ MAN- especially with fannish stuff no one cares about- not that anyone cares here, but alas- and my last status was actually serious and should stay up for awhile. That, and, if Tommy ever does add me back on facebook I'll feel lame and weird for doing a random status about his character.

Which reminds me, I should really make an lj post about Galli and my Sunday of WINNNN, but alas;

Lukie-boy, for being the smartest boy in the whole wide world, you mostly just seem to exist to be the damsel in distress don't you? (You- mostly- get away with it cus you're cute and adorable at first and more pretty later on. ... But no, it's still mostly annoying.) Actually you pretty much all are damsels in distresses. I heard rants on how useless the Torchwood lot are but the Sarah Jane scoobies just take the cake. And at that- why is Sarah Jane everyone's favorite companion ever? Maybe she was better back in Old Who days (except Elisabeth Sladen apparently likes her characterization- or the fact it exists at ALL- more now than before) but she's kinda just bitchy, useless, has a sonic lipstick (aka a laser pointer), whoopti-do-for-her, is overly obsessed with jeans, collared shirts, and vests, and goes into really big monologues about how amazing the universe is.

I don't know why I'm watching this show. Well, no, I know why I STARTED watching it in the first place- the Sunday of win- and now I more-or-less just wanna watch it all to, well, have watched it all.....

But it's really not that good.
7th-Mar-2010 05:05 pm (UTC) - this is where I blather a lot
See, I really like SJA, well what I saw of seasons 1&2 before life got super-crazy with school. But I went into it expecting utter crap. See, Doctor Who is gloriously awesome and is aimed at family audiences. So they write it in a way so that the children can enjoy it without getting too confused or having to ask too many hard questions of their parents, but the adults can still enjoy a well-written/acted show without having to exile their kids.

Torchwood is one of those shows where I enjoyed bits and pieces of S1, but I loved S2 and CoE to bits. Part of this was because it's the "adults-only" Doctor Who, and thru S1 they were still figuring out how exactly they wanted to play that. So there were some things in S1 that were really played for more shock-value and "ooh, look what I can get away with."

SJA is on the other end of the spectrum entirely from Torchwood. It airs in the UK on the children's network, and was designed to me the "kids-only" show. It's designed to be easy to understand and hit all the kid jokes (aka fart jokes, lol) without causing kids to ask questions of their parents ala "Daddy, why were the Ood slaves in the first place?" (Dude, if my kid ever started asking questions like that, I'd be proud but I'd also run screaming.) It's designed to be one of those shows that parents can leave their kid to watch without worrying about what their kids might be watching. The problem is, when you design a show like that, it's usually only half as entertaining for the adults as it is for the kids if that. Kids are willing to accept simpler plots and less characterization then adults usually. So, since the Producers are aiming the show at kids, they know they can get away with working half as hard/spending half the money, and only produce a show children will like.

So yeah, there's my blather about SJA/DW/TW. Long story short, I enjoy SJA, but I don't expect it to be more than it is, which is really just a way for the BBC to market more toys at kids to make money.
7th-Mar-2010 09:43 pm (UTC) - Re: this is where I blather a lot
I knew that going in, that of course its the Kids show so it's NOT gonna be Doctor Who, and it's probably why I keep watching it, but I still somehow am dissapointed that it's not more (even though, well, of COURSE it isn't.) (Though I'd argue some kid shows can be AMAZING and deep and insightful and wholy great for adults- ex Avatar :) . )

I'm half way through season 1 of Torchwood- gotta watch the rest- and I agree from what I've seen there is alot of, OKAY, SO, WE CAN DO ANYTHING BASICALLY SO... UHH, LET'S DO IT! :D

But I saw two eps of season 3 of SJA- the ones with The Doctor in them- and they were a lotttt better, so, I'm hoping that that'll be a continuing trend and won't just be because, you know, David Tennant was in it. And I reallllly just wanna finish it by now :).

Btw Patty, I am SOOO sad you left early on Sunday. SO MUCH HAPPENED. It was... um, amazing. Amazinggggggggggggggggg! :) *Shushes*
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