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I've been thrown to Wonderworlds, see if I Flit and Flow just watch me Swirl
And if I'd think you'd Crush Me, you would say- don't worry baby, My Pretty
Just posted this over at DW_Cosplay 
21st-Jun-2010 01:25 am
Amy Flowers
IN WHICH I ATTEMPT TO COSPLAY AMY POND! Because running around my forest at 11 at night and falling over alot to take pics is brilliant :D. More pics on my facebook, and even more on my hard drive that are hideous :P.

*Everything else from now on is just copy and paste from my post at dw_cosplay .

This isn't done- I have quite a few things left to get (Like a proper sweatshirt, this is just one my mom had lying around) and I need to cut my wig since it's far too long and- well, quite a few things, but since I spent far too much today on blue converse for this costume I felt like posting up a few pictures from it :). Apologies if everyone is sick of this outfit by now.

I had to take all the pics myself, so, apologies for the Myspace-ish quality

I had to take all the pics myself, so I apologize for the Myspace-ish quality, heh.

Oh, btw, I live in a forest. SO I DECIDED IT WAS A GREAT IDEA TO SCAMPER OFF INTO THE WOODS AT 11 AT NIGHT, HANG MY CAMERA FROM BRANCHES, AND TAKE PICS. :D And, as mentioned previously, the wig is too long.

I like this picture, hence showing it, but I don't feel it's very Amy-like. Too terrified looking, but, alas.

I apologize that I look like I just smelled something really bad. Also, by this point I am COVERED in those stupid little prickly balley... things. Took forever to get them off, lol.

So. This picture. LOL. I had many MANY attempts at looking sexy (I had no clean bed handy, lol) and alluring and they all failed in many ways. This was the best, though I kinda feel like I'm giving the camera the evil eye. ... However judging by the comments this pic is getting on facebook, UMM, it worked? o_0

Edit: I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ADD THE MOST FORESTY PIC OF ALL. FAILLL. I am covered in forest, stuffz, but, um, whatever, it... adds to it? o_0

AND THERE WE HAVE IT, MY ALMOST DONE AMY COSTUME! Um, I hope you enjoyed my silly venture into the forest. :D
24th-Jun-2010 08:53 am (UTC)
24th-Jun-2010 08:58 am (UTC)
LOL. I'm gonna be bringing it to the Who party, meaning I'm bringing it to your house tomorrow if you wanna try it on. I was actually gonna ask your help in cutting the wig since I don't trust myself, AT ALL. (And I was gonna conveniently be like, on Friday morning, "HEY, SO, LET'S HIT A THRIFT STORE! FUN TIMES! ... I NEED AM AM SWEATER OK?" but of course that is just me being a mooch, lmao.)
24th-Jun-2010 09:48 pm (UTC) - A tinge of ginge in your fringe
Icon love. :D
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